The Timber Technology Authority, LLC

The Timber Technology Authority, LLC furnishes the most comprehensive professional legal consultation and expert witness services related to :

  Wood science and technology     Forest products production and performance
  Structural issues related to wood and wood based products

Services include but are not limited to: research, inspection, investigation, identification, forensic analysis, materials testing, reporting, and deposition and trial testimony.

Our team of educated and experienced wood technologists assist in areas such as:

Wood failure-related accidents
Residential flooring
Truck flooring
Ladder performance
Wood identification
Wood machining
Mechanical testing
Moulding and millwork
Marina decking
Wood trusses
Catastrophic wood failures
Kiln stick development
Kiln efficiency
Wood bending
Window and door performance
Related forensic work
Wood moisture relations
Wood decay issues
Environmental issues
Light frame construction
Wood composite products
Fire performance

Additional affiliations:
Access to one of the best professional networks in the forest products community
Professional alliances with research universities
Membership in key wood technology based societies
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